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We want some pictures of NETrailhead visitors using our t-shirts on the trail!

NETrailhead Pocket URL shirt
NETrailhead Pocket URL by netrailhead
Many more t shirt designs available on zazzle

We’ll post your picture on our NETrailhead Action Shot page doing your trail thing. How does it all work? It’s quite simple actually:

  • Buy a NETrailhead logo shirt from
  • Take a photo of the shirt in action, on location, out in the wild.
  • Email the picture(s) to us here at and we’ll post them on our website. (Please make sure your images are <= 75kb. And please don’t send us zip files, we’ll just delete them.)
  • Note: It may take us several weeks to post your action shots on our site. We reserve the right to edit and cull submitted images.

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