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Cyclist wears helmet cam to film abusive drivers

This cyclist in Britain wears a helmet cam to record incidents with drivers. It looks a bit scary. He claims to have been knocked from his bicycle before.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen it where I live, but this kind of anti-cycling rage only came to my attention when ESPN Radio host Tony Kornheiser and crew were chatting about a bike lane in Washington DC. The conversation grew into an anti-cyclist bitch fest (YouTube recording). Lance Armstrong weighed in publicly and Kornheiser apologized to Armstrong.

Last year, a US Marine bicyclist was sentenced for road rage during an incident in New Hampshire that may have began with a driver overtaking a pack of cyclists and then applying his brakes.

I’ve never had a problem with drivers while riding my bike, or with cyclists while driving my car, actually. I have had someone throw a soda bottle at me while walking across a bridge though. (It missed.)

How about you?

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