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Clifford Park, Biddeford Maine

The Clifford Park is an urban trail system located near downtown Biddeford. Hiking or walking the length of the black trail loop is just over 1.5 miles. There is an extensive number of cross-trails and care should be taken to follow the correct path.

When I visit, I tend to take the black loop for a nice long walk in the woods. There is evidence of early quarry work everywhere. Granite slabs with the holes drilled along the edge, for breaking them off, cast aside with what looks like blasted chunks.

There is a large gully in the middle of the park and some bogs on the Western side away opposite the Eastern, road side of the park.

West brook
If you are following the black trail, take a side trip on the red trail to see a cascading waterfall on West Brook.

Clifford Park has hosted several mountain biking races. I shot the Clifford Park Assault in 2007, and there are many photos on the Clifford Park Assault gallery at MaineToday Seen photo blog.

New trails have been added and I’ve seen at least one wooden jump built on the side of a hill. It looks pretty gnarly, but I’d like to shoot (photos) of someone who is able to jump off of it. (Bring your insurance card.)

Clifford Park at EveryTrail

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