Evans Notch Scenic Byway, RT 113

Evans Notch, Pequawket Trail (RT 113) Scenic Byway

Evans Notch Scenic Byway, RT 113

Maine Scenic Byways. Copyright © Eric Holsinger. Image used with permission.

Evans Notch is a mountainous area in Western Maine between Fryeburg and Gilead. The north side of the notch flows into the Androscoggin River drainage and the south side flows into the Saco River drainage. All around it is mountains and forests.

The Pequawket Trail Scenic Byway follows RT 113 north from Fryeburg and weaves in and out of Maine and New Hampshire as it passes through the White Mountain National Forest and the Caribou-Speckled Mountain Wilderness.

The area around Fryeburg is agricultural; corn fields and farms. The Saco River flows wide and slow in this area. The road winds in and out farms and forest and slowly climbs toward the notch.

The area near the notch opens up with scenic vistas overlooking the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The cliffs above the notch provide nesting for a recovering population of Peregrine Falcons.

North of the notch, the road follows the Cold River as it descends toward Gilead and the Androscoggin River.

In the winter, a section of this road is impassible. There are gates for closing the road, but you’ll probably just find the plow trucks have blocked any passage with hard packed snow.

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Image used with permission, Copyright Eric Holsinger.