Bruce Hill

Cumberland, Maine

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Map 5 D4
Cumberland Center
To Get There:
From Portland, take Rt. 9 North. About 1 mile from Cumberland Center and the 4-way intersection with Blanchard and Tuttle Roads, take a Left onto Greeley Road. Follow the road to the end and park in the small turn out.
This 9 mile loop is a moderately technical ride with some short hill climbs. It's located on private trails mostly used for snowmobiling that wind through the woods, around housing developments and through farm fields.
From the parking area, go up the dirt trail that continues from the Greely Road Dead End to begin the ride. At the hillcrest go right onto a loggin road. Follow the road to the Powerline and turn right.
The trail leaves the Poweline to the Left into a field. Keeping to the Right, you'll come back out to the Powerline.
Ride the powerline to an ATV trail on the right in the area where there are houses, just after the tough sandy area. Follow the path inro the woods to the stream and across the snowmobile bridge and out to the Greely road.
Cross the road and ride back into the woods on the snowmobile trail. Stay on the snowmobile trail, bearing Right away from the housing development and turning Right at the small pond.
The trail becomes a dirt road and passes through another field. Watch for the snowmobile trail that leads back into the woods on the Right. Follow this trail up the hill. You'll come back to the dirt trail at the end of Greely Road where you began the ride. Take a Right back to your car.

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